Trusted Digital Identity empowers individual by using blockchain based digital credentials and key agreement protocol to verify the credential's authenticity and private key ownership.

Blockchain credential

By using blockchain to cryptographically seal the digital fingerprint of a credential, we are able to harness the power of blockchain to ensure the credential's existence and integrity. Once recorded on the blockchain, the recorded digital fingerprint is timestamped and made available publicly. This allow for the credential to be independently verifiable by any third party to validate its integrity since being issued.

Credential ownership.

Digital credential ownership is the key to our platform. We discover that by mixing blockchain based credential with key agreement protocol we are able to give true ownership to the credential and a way for third party to verify the private key ownership (PCT Patent Application filed 2018) with a simple and elegant method. By providing this method to verify the ownership, we gave another dimension to the practical application of the blockchain credential.

Self Sovereign

We are a proponent to the self sovereign concept. We believe in decentralization through the individuals and that the individuals should own, store, and exchange their credentials. Individuals also create their own and store their private key. At the heart of our platform is the mobile application. Individuals interacts with the issuing and verifying parties through the mobile application in order to receive, store, exchange and even verify credentials.

Reusable credential

Once issued, the same credential can be shared and verified by any third party over and over again. We provide a simple and seamless method for individuals to share and have their credential verified so that this process can be easily replicated. By using platform, significant time and cost saving can be realized.


The user credentials are stored locally and are secured with PIN and fingerprint scanner on the mobile devices. Although the each smartphone can be stolen and hacked, platform eliminates the risk of creating honeypots for data pirates. On top of this, all exchanges between actors are end-to-end encrypted, making it impossible for man in the middle attack (MITM).

Core functionalities

When developing the solutions, we realize that we need to put the individuals at the center of the platform and with the recent advancement in mobile devices, more and more individuals are connected to the digital ecosystem almost anytime and anywhere in the world. Therefore, we decided to develop our solutions around a mobile solution and concentrate on these core functionalities to complement the digital ecosystem.

P2P Verification

  • Easy app-to-app verification for everyone

Onboarding & Sign-in

  • Easy and secure onboarding and sign-in procedure

Legally binding E-signature

  • Electronically sign contractual documents and files

Notarized doc. exchange

  • Verifiable authentication and timestamping


The mobile app is now available for android and iOS mobile devices. Download the app and get your demo credential and try it out on our login demo

Our use cases & partners

Our platform has many real world use cases and we are working hard to deliver it. We know that it can be implemented in many different ways from eKYC for cost reduction to ticketing for preventing fake/black market tickets. We welcome any future partners that share the same vision with us and those who would like to implement our solution.


  • Issuing tickets is a major headache in event Management. We use truid solutions to provide better e-digital tickets for managing sales and keeping track of authentic tickets we issue.

    Imran Ismail, CEO TomManas Outdoor.
  • Automatic on-boarding and sharing user info across multiple domain is a challenge. We use truid solutions to provide better crossover between enterprise solutions for our customers.

    Rizal Mokti, CEO Cendee Sdn.Bhd.
  • The simplest solution is almost always the best.

    William of Ockham
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